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United Rentals

UNITED RENTALS NORTH AMERICA INC filed this Form 424B3 on 11/06/2017
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following sentence, does not exceed (i) the outstanding or committed principal amount (whichever is higher) of such Indebtedness being refinanced plus (ii) the aggregate amount of fees, underwriting discounts, premiums and other costs and expenses incurred in connection with such refinancing and (z) the dollar-equivalent principal amount of Indebtedness secured by Liens denominated in a foreign currency and incurred pursuant to a Credit Facility shall be calculated based on the relevant currency exchange rate in effect on, at the Company's option, (i) the Issue Date, (ii) any date on which any of the respective commitments under such Credit Facility shall be reallocated between or among facilities or subfacilities thereunder, or on which such rate is otherwise calculated for any purpose thereunder or (iii) the date of such incurrence. The principal amount of any Indebtedness secured by Liens incurred to refinance other Indebtedness, if incurred in a different currency from the Indebtedness being refinanced, shall be calculated based on the currency exchange rate applicable to the currencies in which such respective Indebtedness is denominated that is in effect on the date of such refinancing.

        Additional Subsidiary Guarantors.    The Company will cause each Domestic Restricted Subsidiary, other than (unless otherwise determined by the Company) any Foreign Subsidiary Holding Company or Subsidiary of a Foreign Subsidiary, that guarantees any Indebtedness of the Company or of any other Restricted Subsidiary incurred pursuant to the Credit Agreement to, within a reasonable time thereafter, execute and deliver to the Trustee a Guaranty Agreement pursuant to which such Domestic Restricted Subsidiary will guarantee payment of the Notes on the same terms and conditions as those set forth in the Indenture, subject to any limitations that apply to the guarantee of Indebtedness giving rise to the requirement to guarantee the Notes. This covenant shall not apply to any of the Company's Subsidiaries that have been properly designated as an Unrestricted Subsidiary.

        Reporting Requirements.    For so long as the Notes are outstanding, whether or not the Company is subject to Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act, or any successor provision thereto, the Company shall file with the SEC (if permitted by SEC practice and applicable law and regulations) the annual reports, quarterly reports and other documents which the Company would have been required to file with the SEC pursuant to such Section 13(a) or 15(d) or any successor provision thereto if the Company were so subject, such documents to be filed with the SEC on or prior to the respective dates (the "Required Filing Dates") by which the Company would have been required so to file such documents if the Company were so subject. If, notwithstanding the preceding sentence, filing such documents by the Company with the SEC is not permitted by SEC practice or applicable law or regulations, the Company shall transmit (or cause to be transmitted) electronically or by mail to all holders of the Notes, as their names and addresses appear in the Note register, copies of such documents within 30 days after the Required Filing Date (or make such documents available on a website maintained by the Company or Holdings).

Consolidation, Merger, Sale of Assets, etc.

        The Company will not, directly or indirectly, in any transaction or series of transactions, merge or consolidate with or into, or sell, assign, convey, transfer, lease or otherwise dispose of all or substantially all of its properties and assets as an entirety to, any Person or Persons, and the Company will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to enter into any such transaction or series of transactions if such transaction or series of transactions, in the aggregate, would result in a sale, assignment, conveyance, transfer, lease or other disposition of all or substantially all of the properties and assets of the Company or the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, to any other person or persons, unless at the time and after giving effect thereto:


    if the transaction or transactions is a merger or consolidation, the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be, shall be the surviving person of such merger or consolidation; or