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United Rentals

UNITED RENTALS NORTH AMERICA INC filed this Form 424B3 on 11/06/2017
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        "Related Business" means any business in which the Company or any of the Restricted Subsidiaries was engaged on the Issue Date and any business, related, complementary, ancillary or incidental to such business or extensions, developments or expansions thereof.

        "Restricted Subsidiary" means any Subsidiary of the Company that is not an Unrestricted Subsidiary.

        "RS Special Purpose Vehicle" means a trust, bankruptcy remote entity or other special purpose entity which is a Subsidiary of the Company or Holdings (or, if not a Subsidiary of the Company or Holdings, the common equity of which is wholly owned, directly or indirectly, by the Company or Holdings) and which is formed for the purpose of, and engages in no material business other than, acting as an issuer or a depositor in a Receivables Securitization Transaction (and, in connection therewith, owning accounts receivable, lease receivables, other rights to payment, leases and related assets and pledging or transferring any of the foregoing or interests therein).

        "RSC Merger" means the merger of RSC Holdings Inc. with and into Holdings, as effected on and subsequent to April 30, 2012.

        "RSC Merger Transactions" means the transactions necessary to effect the RSC Merger, including (a) the RSC Merger, (b) the merger of all of the U.S. Subsidiaries of RSC Holdings Inc. and their successors in interest into one or more Subsidiaries of Holdings, (c) the mergers of one or more U.S. Subsidiaries of Holdings into one or more other U.S. Subsidiaries of Holdings, (d) the merger, amalgamation, consolidation and/or liquidation of RSC Holdings Inc.'s Foreign Subsidiaries into one or more Foreign Subsidiaries of the Company, (e) the issuance of debt securities and borrowings under the Credit Agreement in connection with the RSC Merger, (f) the amendment and increase of the Credit Agreement in connection with the RSC Merger, (g) the amendment and refinancing of the Existing Securitization Facility in connection with the RSC Merger and (h) any other transactions contemplated in connection with the RSC Merger and any other financing transactions in connection with the RSC Merger.

        "S&P" means Standard & Poor's Ratings Services and any successor to its rating agency business.

        "Sale/Leaseback Transaction" means an arrangement relating to property owned by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary on the Issue Date or thereafter acquired by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary whereby the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary transfers such property to a person and the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary leases it from such person.

        "SEC" means the Securities and Exchange Commission.

        "Securities Act" means the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

        "Secured Notes" means the Company's 45/8% Senior Secured Notes due 2023.

        "Securitization Transaction" means an Equipment Securitization Transaction or a Receivables Securitization Transaction.

        "Senior Secured Indebtedness Leverage Ratio" means, with respect to any Person, on any date of determination, a ratio (i) the numerator of which is the aggregate principal amount (or accreted value, as the case may be) of Indebtedness that is secured by a Lien of such Person and its Restricted Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis outstanding on such date, less the amount of cash and Cash Equivalents that would be stated on the consolidated balance sheet of such Person and held by such Person or its Restricted Subsidiaries, as determined in accordance with GAAP, as of the date of determination, and (ii) the denominator of which is the Consolidated Cash Flow Available for Fixed Charges of such Person for the four full fiscal quarters, treated as one period, for which financial information in respect thereof is available immediately preceding the date of such calculation, in each