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<< Back Makes It Easy For Millions of Music Fans Worldwide to Discover and Buy Unsigned Artists' and Independent Labels' CDs Advantage for music uses the power of the Internet to revolutionize music distribution

SEATTLE, November 5, 1998 /PRNewswire/ -- On the first day of CMJ's Music Marathon,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), the No. 1 online music retailer, today announced Advantage for music, a revolutionary new program that solves the biggest problem faced by independent artists, bands, and labels: securing widespread distribution of their CDs.'s Advantage for music program makes it easy for independent artists, bands, and labels to sell their CDs to's 4.5 million customers worldwide.'s Advantage program was created to change the rules for success in the music industry. Unsigned artists, bands, and independent labels traditionally have a difficult time getting their CDs into stores so that fans can purchase their music. Advantage for music, a free program, now allows them to sell their CDs at the music store and to enjoy the same level of exposure on the Web site as CDs from major artists and labels.

"Our mission over the past two decades has been the discovery and promotion of new artists," said CMJ President Robert Haber, when asked about's new Advantage for music program. "We are delighted to learn of's strategy for assisting these new artists in getting their music exposed to a potential audience in the millions. This is just the kind of program that makes the new medium of the Internet so exciting." Through CMJ New Music Report, CMJ New Music Monthly, and its annual CMJ Music Marathon convention, CMJ brings emerging artists to public attention.

"In order to match the power of's global distribution, independent artists, bands, and labels would have to get their CDs into an estimated 100,000 retail stores worldwide," said Mary Morouse,'s vice president of merchandising. "With music Advantage, these CDs will be only a few clicks away from 4.5 million customers worldwide."

"No matter how slammin' your band is, it is really hard to get distribution without being signed to a major label," says Dara Quinn of Seattle's Rockin' Teenage Combo,'s Advantage charter band. "Even if we could get our CDs stocked in stores in every city we play in when we're on tour, who has the time and money to print and distribute all those CDs? Now, whenever anyone hears the buzz about our music, they'll be able to buy our CD at could be easier than that?" Advantage for music builds on the success of Advantage for books, an innovative program that increases the visibility and sales of harder-to-find books from independent publishers. Getting the Advantage is easy-and it's free. Once enrolled, independent artists, bands, and labels simply place a limited quantity of CDs in's distribution centers for immediate sale and delivery to's customers all over the world. helps Advantage members sell CDs by enhancing their shelf presence with cover art, sound clips, and liner notes. Advantage members save time and money with hassle-free fulfillment, easy restocking, and automatic sales reports and payment.

For more information about Advantage for music, or to join, visit:

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