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SEC Filings

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC filed this Form S-1/A on 12/05/2005
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Risks of Investing in Chipotle

        Our business involves various risks, including the rapid increase in the number of our stores; various aspects of our relationship with McDonald's, including our ability to manage relationships and obtain services McDonald's currently manages or obtains on our behalf; our lack of independent operating history as a large company; our ability to continue to grow and to manage our growth effectively; our expansion into new markets; continued competitive pressures; health and safety concerns about the ingredients we use; credit and debit card fraud; sabotage of our information systems; and our ability to continue inspiring pride in our store managers and crews and to maintain our culture. In addition, McDonald's will continue to be able to exert a controlling influence over all matters requiring shareholder approval after the offering, including the election of directors and significant business transactions. You should carefully consider the risks discussed in "Risk Factors" before deciding to invest in our class A common stock.

Share Reclassification

        Currently we have one class of common stock and three classes of preferred stock outstanding. All shares of our outstanding common stock and all shares of our outstanding preferred stock will be reclassified into            shares of class B common stock in connection with this offering, which will result in a decrease in the number of shares outstanding. We also plan to amend our certificate of incorporation and bylaws and increase our total authorized number of shares of capital stock. All of this will be effective when we complete this offering. After the offering, we will have no outstanding preferred stock and two classes of common stock. In this prospectus, we refer to all of these actions together as the "Reclassification." Except where otherwise noted, the description of the terms of our charter documents in this prospectus reflects the terms of those documents as they will exist following the Reclassification.

        In this offering, both we and the selling shareholder are selling shares of class A common stock, which will have fewer votes per share than our class B common stock. Under the terms of our amended certificate of incorporation, one of the features of the class B common stock is that any holder of shares of class B common stock, including the selling shareholder, will have the right to convert those shares to shares of class A common stock at any time prior to a tax-free distribution of such shares to McDonald's shareholders (including a distribution in exchange for McDonald's shares or securities). In addition, under the amended certificate of incorporation, shares of class B common stock can only be transferred to McDonald's or its subsidiaries, and any other transfer of such shares will result in the automatic conversion of those shares to shares of class A common stock without action by the transferor or transferee. Thus, although all of the shares that the selling shareholder will receive in connection with the Reclassification will be shares of class B common stock, any shares that investors will receive from the selling shareholder in the offering will be shares of class A common stock.

Future Dispositions

        After the completion of this offering, McDonald's will beneficially own common stock representing            % of the combined voting power of our outstanding stock and            % of the economic interest in our outstanding common stock (or            % and            %, respectively, if the underwriters' over-allotment option is exercised in full). McDonald's has informed us that, at some time in the future, but no earlier than the expiration of the lock-up period, it may sell all or a portion of its ownership interest in us or may make a tax-free distribution to its shareholders of all or a portion of that interest, including a distribution in exchange for McDonald's shares or securities (or another similar transaction). Any such sale, distribution or exchange (or other similar transaction) would be subject to various conditions, including receipt of any necessary regulatory or other approvals, the existence of satisfactory market conditions, and, in the case of a tax-free transaction, McDonald's receipt of a private letter ruling from the Internal Revenue Service and/or an opinion of counsel that such sale, distribution or exchange (or other similar transaction) would be tax-free to McDonald's and its shareholders. The conditions to such a sale, distribution or exchange (or other similar transaction) may not be satisfied, or McDonald's may decide not


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