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SEC Filings

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC filed this Form S-1/A on 12/23/2005
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      Payroll 3rd party reconciliation    

Accounts Receivable



House accounts—billings, collection and reconciliations
Subtenant receivables—billings, collection and reconciliations


Accounts receivable aging sent to Controller monthly
      Misc accounts receivable as it relates to stores—following up on a monthly basis and reporting to Wazee for write off guidance when needed    

Cash Receipts



Check receipts deposit and journal entry processing
Daily deposit verification (cash and cashless)


99% of Deposits (both cash and credit cards excluding AMEX and armored car) verified within 4 business days (excludes bank holidays).







99% of Deposits for AMEX and armored car verified within 6 business days (excludes bank holidays).




Lease payments
Sales reporting to landlords


All lease defaults cured within cure date
      Percentage rent tracking/accruals/payments    
      Desk audit triple net reconciliation review   99% of monthly recurring payments received by landlords by lease due date

Sales, Use, Personal Property and Rent Taxes



Processing personal property tax payments
Filing sales and use tax returns
Researching tax rates for new stores on Checkpoint and communicating information to Chipotle IT


Payments made to Taxing Authorities per due date
  Processing sales and use tax payments
Self assess use tax based upon Chipotle tax strategy (needs formalized)
  Tax returns are filed with Taxing Authority per due date
      Sending data requests to Marvin & Poer for personal property tax reporting    
      Receiving and reviewing personal property tax payments from Marvin Poer prior to payment    
      Sales and use tax audit administration    
      Sending tax rate change requests for existing stores to IT as identified by states/localities    
      New York commercial rent tax preparation and payment (quarterly)    




Setting up new bank accounts based upon guidance from Chipotle (i.e. established relationships). For so long as McDonald's owns in excess of 50% of the combined voting power of the outstanding Common Stock of Chipotle, such bank accounts shall be established utilizing forms and procedures approved by McDonald's, in each case with approval from the Treasury Department of McDonald's.


Bank Accounts requested within 60 days of store turnover to Operations

New Stores



Setting up new store numbers and cross validation rules in Oracle


      Setting up bank accounts, Merchant IDS and ordering banking supplies    
      Communicating sales tax rates to IT per review and research on Checkpoint    

Petty Cash



Process petty cash expense reports via accounts payable system.
Regional petty cash accounting (funding)


Invoices processed within an average of 2.5 days or less of receipt

System Access



Determine needs and submit a request to IT, Application Development Manager (Chipotle)




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