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SEC Filings

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC filed this Form S-1/A on 12/23/2005
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Financial Reporting



Distribution of monthly recap via Email on WD4 and WD5 (store level and company/regional level)
Distribution of store P&Ls via Email on WD4 and WD5


Prelim P&Ls distributed on WD4 and Final P&Ls distributed on WD5




Existing store license renewals except for liquor


95% of license renewals processed by due date

Cash Management



Daily cash funding


Review cash funding each business day by 10:00 EST

Gift cards



Reconcile from the POS to 3rd party administrator—Valuelink on a daily basis.


Reconcile GL gift card balance to Valuelink monthly
      Escalate any issues to IT for resolution.    
      Book monthly gift card entries for franchise sites.    
      Prepare monthly reconciliation from GL to Valuelink balance.    
      Bulk gift card entries    

Chart B: Accounting Tools


CHI_JESplits   Used to prepare the journal entry split
CHI_PNLDist   Used to distribute the store P&L
CHI_Recap   Used to see Financial Performance at the various levels
CHI_RegSumPNL   Used to see Financial Performance at the regional level
CHI_RevLIC   Used to ensure licenses are maintained and current—will need to be upgraded after move in November
CHI_RevDCR   Used to verify Deposits, Gift Card transactions, etc
CHI_RevPNL   Used to review the P&L for accuracy
CHI_Transfers   Used to prepare the journal entry for the transfer tickets


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