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SEC Filings

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC filed this Form S-1/A on 12/23/2005
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affect numerous aspects of our operations, including minimum age of patrons and employees, hours of operation, advertising, wholesale purchasing, inventory control and handling, storage and dispensing of alcoholic beverages. We're also subject in certain states to "dram shop" statutes, which generally provide a person injured by an intoxicated person the right to recover damages from an establishment that wrongfully served alcoholic beverages to the intoxicated person. We carry up to $1 million in liquor liability coverage as part of our existing $2 million comprehensive general liability insurance, which has a $100,000 deductible, as well as excess umbrella coverage of up to $500 million, with no additional deductible.

        In addition, we're subject to the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act, the U.S. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and various federal and state laws governing various matters including minimum wages, overtime and other working conditions. We pay a significant number of our hourly staff at rates consistent with but higher than the applicable federal or state minimum wage. Accordingly, increases in the minimum wage would increase our labor cost. We're also subject to various laws and regulations relating to our current and any future franchise operations. See "Risk Factors—Risks Related to Our Business and Industry—Governmental regulation may adversely affect our ability to open new stores or otherwise adversely affect our existing and future operations and results."

        Environmental Matters.    We are subject to federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations concerning the discharge, storage, handling, release and disposal of hazardous or toxic substances ("environmental laws"). These environmental laws provide for significant fines, penalties and liabilities, sometimes without regard to whether the owner or operator of the property knew of, or was responsible for, the release or presence of the hazardous or toxic substances. Third parties may also make claims against owners or operators of properties for personal injuries and property damage associated with releases of, or actual or alleged exposure to, such substances. We cannot predict what environmental laws will be enacted in the future, how existing or future environmental laws will be administered or interpreted, or the amount of future expenditures that we may need to make to comply with, or to satisfy claims relating to, environmental laws. While, during the period of our ownership, lease or operation, our stores have not been the subject of any material environmental matters, we have not conducted a comprehensive environmental review of our properties or operations. We have, however, conducted investigations of some of our properties and identified contamination caused by third-party operations; in these instances, the contamination has or will be addressed by the third party. If the relevant third party does not or has not addressed the identified contamination properly or completely, then under certain environmental laws, we could be held liable as an owner and operator to address any remaining contamination. Any such liability could be material. Further, we may not have identified all of the potential environmental liabilities at our properties, and any such liabilities could have a material adverse effect on our operations or results of operations.


        We have three franchisees that operate eight of our stores. Each of them is also a McDonald's franchisee. We granted our initial franchises in April 2001 for two-year terms including leases for store property and equipment, and subsequently granted additional franchises with ten-year terms to qualified franchisees. Each franchise includes the right to operate a Chipotle store at a particular address only. At the end of a franchise term, the franchise expires, and the franchisee has no unilateral right to renew or extend the franchise (although we may agree with the franchisee to extend the franchise for an additional term). Each franchisee is obligated to operate franchised stores in accordance with our operating standards and is obligated to allocate and spend specific amounts, as specified by us, on marketing of the stores, subject to our approval of all marketing materials.

        Although franchising is currently not an important component of our strategy, we may decide to license more franchisees in the future. In the near term, however, we do not expect to significantly increase the number of franchisees. In addition, if McDonald's ceases to own a majority of our outstanding common voting stock or if we cease to be an affiliate of McDonald's, under the terms of our franchise agreements, our franchisees must either sell either their Chipotle franchise to someone who agrees to


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