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Explore the Big World of Small Wonders with New National Geographic Products Exclusively at PetSmart

Pet Habitat and Care Items Offer Deeper Connection to Natural World

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 5, 2014-- Hundreds of innovative National Geographic™ pet products are now in PetSmartTM (NASDAQ: PETM) stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and on Drawing on National Geographic’s extensive experience in the natural world and PetSmart’s deep pet expertise, the new habitats, décor and food inspire a fresh look at the world of specialty pets. The products now available are for the care of freshwater fish, reptiles and small pets. Additional products will be available later in the year.

In keeping with National Geographic’s mission to inspire people to care about the planet, products include detailed information on natural habitats, behaviors and diets that help pet parents learn about and care for their specialty pets. National Geographic’s net proceeds from the products will support the conservation of animals and their environments.

PetSmart will team with award-winning photographer Joel Sartore, a National Geographic fellow and 20-year contributor to National Geographic magazine, who will share his experiences and wonderment of animals. Sartore specializes in documenting endangered species and landscapes in a way that draws attention to a world worth saving.

“I developed a passion for nature and animals as a child, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours observing, photographing and documenting them in the wild for National Geographic,” Sartore said. “I’m pleased that the new National Geographic products at PetSmart will introduce more families and their pets to the natural world, because it’s important to get people to see the wonders and beauty that exist in nature – and to see that there’s beauty and grace and power in all of our species.”

Fans are invited to join a Twitter chat with Sartore, hosted by PetSmart (@PetSmart), on June 9 at 5 p.m. EDT, using #NatGeoPets, to discuss his work in the natural world and adventures with National Geographic.

“The new National Geographic products spark a curiosity about specialty pets and the places they inhabit in the wild,” said Steve Chattin, PetSmart Vice President of Specialty Merchandising. “Pet parents can build deeper connections with their pets while learning about the natural world each animal would inhabit and caring for those pets at home.”


Smart design and elegance come together in aquariums with low-profile hoods and integrated LED lighting. Pet parents can create a natural environment with 3-D backgrounds and coordinated décor that’s simple to maintain with fish products that include:

  • National Geographic Aqua Oasis Aquarium: A curved, seamless bow-front allows for uninterrupted views with easy access to make feeding simple. Available in 8.5-, 15.8- and 23-gallon sizes, this starter kit contains touch-sensor screen LED lighting with day and night features, an internal power filter with filtration media and a submersible heater.
  • National Geographic Water Care: Easily start or maintain a healthy aquarium with fast-dissolving and premeasured tablets. Water care can neutralize chlorine and heavy metals, provide vitamins or clear up cloudy water from overfeeding, particles or gravel.
  • National Geographic Tropical Fish Flakes: This seafood meets the Marine Stewardship Council’s global standard and is made with sustainably harvested whole fish, kelp, spirulina, vitamins and extra fiber. Added carotenoids provide natural color.


This complete line of thoughtfully designed products simplifies maintenance and simulates the reptiles’ natural environment with 3-D backgrounds and coordinating décor. Reptile products include:

  • National Geographic Reptile Sanctuary: Multiple entry points make feeding and cleaning easier, while cord management keeps everything organized and pets securely inside. Tanks are available in 13-, 18- and 50-gallon sizes appropriate for desert and temperate environments and a 26-gallon size for tropical environments.
  • National Geographic Reptile Entrées: Convenient, semi-moist pellets are formulated for optimal health and mimic diverse foods found in the wild. The bearded dragon diet can even replace cricket feeding for adult and juvenile bearded dragons.
  • National Geographic Reptile Bulbs: High-quality, nickel-plated copper threads help prevent corrosion while bulbs regulate reptiles’ body temperature and metabolism. High-efficiency halogen basking bulbs deliver full spectrum light for up to 2,000 hours.

Small Pet

Pet parents can peek into small pets’ daily lives with panoramic views and clear habitats. Natural bedding, food, treats and chews draw on animals’ natural environments and needs. Small pet products include:

  • National Geographic Exploration Loft: Two habitat sizes offer 360-degree views into multi-level play areas. A skylight provides easy access and fresh airflow, plus cleaning is simple with a removable top, a dishwasher-safe food dish and a deep base for bedding.
  • National Geographic Natural Food, Treats and Chews: Blended with natural ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, apples and parsley, each small pet entrée offers a nutritionally complete and hearty meal while promoting natural foraging behavior. Supplement with forage mix salad, trail mix and Power Snap bars for an added treat.
  • National Geographic Natural Comfort Bedding: Available in fragrance-free chamomile buds, silky kapok, lavender, coconut and crinkle paper, this soft bedding is made of post-consumer paper, triple-cleaned for low dust and treated with colorfast dyes. Natural inclusions of dried pellets encourage instinctual burrowing and nesting.

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Founded in 1888, the National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the member-supported Society offers a community for members to get closer to explorers, connect with other members and help make a difference. The Society reaches more than 500 million people worldwide each month through its media platforms, products and events. National Geographic has funded more than 11,000 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects and supports an education program promoting geographic literacy. For more information, visit

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