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DELEK US HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 11/27/2017
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NY008LRP - 912119_1.wor -L r - r- rLL P 912119_1.wo San Angelo Fort Worth Dallas Waco Tyler Shreveport Monroe El Dorado Beaumont New Orleans Little Rock Memphis Brentwood Nashville Knoxville Abilene Big Spring Krotz Springs NY008LRP - 912119_1.wor - rL 1.P 912119_ SALA GATHERING SYSTEM AR LA Magnolia El Dorado  ~805 miles (1) of crude and product transportation pipelines, including the 195 mile crude oil pipeline from Longview to Nederland, TX  ~ 600 mile crude oil gathering system in AR  Storage facilities with 7.3 million barrels of active shell capacity  Rail Offloading Facility Pipelines/Transportation Segment  Wholesale and marketing business in Texas  9 light product terminals: TX, TN, AR  Approx. 1.2 million barrels of active shell capacity Wholesale/Terminalling Segment 20 Logistics Assets Positioned to Benefit from Permian Basin Activity Growing logistics assets support crude sourcing and product marketing for customers (NY008LRP) 912119_1.wor1. r) 912119 rr) 912119 1.1.) 912119(NY008LRP _ o EAST TEXAS LOGISTICS SYSTEM Mt. Pleasant Big Sandy Longview Kilgore Henderson Tyler DELEK THIRD-PARTY ASSETS Enterprise Pipeline (Product) Delek US Refinery DELEK LOGISTICS (DKL) Product Terminal Product Tank Farm Product Pipeline Corporate Headquarters Crude Tank Farm Crude Pipeline Third Party Terminal West Coast Asphalt Terminals (2)  Mojave, Phoenix, Elk Grove and Bakersfield NY008LRP - 912119_1.wor - .P rL - .- .P rP r008L 912119_1LY R - . o - . Paramount/ Long Beach Mojave CA Bakersfield Elk Grove Flagstaff Phoenix NV AZ (1) Includes approximately 240 miles of leased pipeline capacity. (2) DK assets acquired through the ALJ acquisition which creates potential for drop-down assets to DKL. Drop-down subject to Delek Logistics' conflicts committee review and approval. Product Terminal Asphalt Terminal

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