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DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form T-3 on 11/06/2017
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      Reorganized Debtor may assert as to the validity or amount of such Claims, including as provided in Section 10.8 of the Plan; provided that, notwithstanding the foregoing, the Allowed amount of General Unsecured Claims shall be subject to and shall not exceed the limitations or maximum amounts permitted by the Bankruptcy Code, including sections 502 or 503 of the Bankruptcy Code, to the extent applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, any guarantees, indemnification or other credit support by the Debtor in support of its Affiliates or any other Entity shall be treated as not having been accelerated and shall otherwise be continued after the Effective Date in accordance with the terms of such obligation. To the extent that a holder of a General Unsecured Claim against the Debtor agrees to less favorable treatment of such Claim, the Debtor will provide reasonable prior notice to counsel to the Requisite RSA Parties, including a reasonably detailed description of the proposed terms of such less favorable treatment.         
8    Intercompany Claims    On or after the Effective Date, all Intercompany Claims will be paid, adjusted, continued, settled, reinstated, discharged, or eliminated as determined by the Debtor and its Affiliates, in each case to the extent determined to be appropriate by the Debtor or Reorganized Debtor and its Affiliates in their discretion.    Unimpaired    No (Presumed to accept)    100%
9    Existing Equity Interests    If Class 6 (Convertible Notes Claims) is an Accepting Class, holders of Senior Notes Claims shall be deemed to have consented to a distribution to holders of Existing Equity Interests of, and holders of Existing Equity Interests shall receive on the Effective Date, in full and final satisfaction of their Allowed Existing Equity Interest, their Pro Rata share of (i) New Common Stock representing, in the aggregate, 50% of the New Common Stock issued on the Effective Date that would have otherwise been distributable to Class 5 pursuant to the terms set forth in Section 4.5(c) hereof, subject to dilution by shares of New Common Stock issuable upon conversion of the Mandatorily Convertible Preferred Stock, shares of New Common Stock issued or issuable pursuant to the Management Incentive Plan and shares of New Common Stock issued after the Effective Date, including pursuant to the New Warrants, and (ii) 50% of each tranche of the New Warrants; provided that, if the Class of Convertible Notes Claims is not an Accepting Class, then holders of Existing Equity Interests will not receive or retain any property under the Plan on account of such Interests. On the Effective Date, all Interests shall be deemed    Impaired    No (Deemed to reject)    N/A