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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form T-3 on 11/06/2017
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connection with any of the foregoing, free of any restrictions of the Bankruptcy Code or Bankruptcy Rules and in all respects as if there was no pending case under any chapter or provision of the Bankruptcy Code, except as expressly provided herein. Without limiting the foregoing, the Reorganized Debtor may pay the charges that they incur on or after the Effective Date for professional fees, disbursements, expenses, or related support services without application to the Bankruptcy Court.

10.2. Binding Effect.

As of the Effective Date, the Plan shall bind all holders of Claims against and Interests in the Debtor and their respective successors and assigns, notwithstanding whether any such holders were (a) Impaired or Unimpaired under the Plan, (b) deemed to accept or reject the Plan, (c) failed to vote to accept or reject the Plan, or (d) voted to reject the Plan.

10.3. Discharge of Claims and Termination of Interests.

Upon the Effective Date and in consideration of the distributions to be made hereunder, except as otherwise expressly provided under the Plan, including with respect to Unimpaired Claims, each holder (as well as any representatives, trustees, or agents on behalf of each holder) of a Claim or Interest and any affiliate of such holder shall be deemed to have forever waived, released, and discharged the Debtor, to the fullest extent permitted by section 1141 of the Bankruptcy Code, of and from any and all Claims, Interest, rights, and liabilities that arose prior to the Effective Date. Upon the Effective Date, all such Entities shall be forever precluded and enjoined, pursuant to section 524 of the Bankruptcy Code, from prosecuting or asserting any such discharged Claim against or terminated Interest in the Debtor against the Debtor, the Reorganized Debtor, or any of its Assets or property, whether or not such holder has filed a proof of Claim and whether or not the facts or legal bases therefor were known or existed prior to the Effective Date.

10.4. Term of Injunctions or Stays.

Unless otherwise provided herein, the Confirmation Order, or in a Final Order of the Bankruptcy Court, all injunctions or stays arising under or entered during the Chapter 11 Case under section 105 or 362 of the Bankruptcy Code, or otherwise, and in existence on the Confirmation Date, shall remain in full force and effect until the later of the Effective Date and the date indicated in the order providing for such injunction or stay.

10.5. Injunction.

(a) Upon entry of the Confirmation Order, all holders of Claims and Interests and other parties in interest, along with their respective present or former employees, agents, officers, directors, principals, and affiliates, shall be enjoined from taking any actions to interfere with the implementation or consummation of the Plan in relation to any Claim extinguished, discharged or released pursuant to the Plan.

(b) Except as expressly provided in the Plan, the Confirmation Order, or a separate order of the Bankruptcy Court or as agreed to by the Debtor and a holder of a Claim against or Interest in the Debtor, all Entities who have held, hold, or may hold Claims against or Interests in the Debtor (whether proof of such Claims or Interests has been filed or not and whether or not such Entities vote in favor of, against or abstain from voting on the Plan or are presumed to have accepted or deemed to have rejected the Plan) and other parties in interest, along with their respective present or former employees, agents, officers, directors, principals, and affiliates are permanently enjoined, on and after the Effective Date, solely with respect to any Claims, Interests, and Causes of Action that will