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SEC Filings

DITECH HOLDING CORP filed this Form T-3 on 11/06/2017
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(v) Indebtedness constituting Intercompany Loans to the extent permitted by Section 6.05(viii);

(vi) Indebtedness consisting of guaranties or other Contingent Obligations (x) by the Borrower and the Wholly-Owned Restricted Subsidiaries that are Subsidiary Guarantors of each other’s Indebtedness and other obligations permitted under this Agreement (other than guaranties of Non-Recourse Indebtedness, Permitted Funding Indebtedness or any Indebtedness permitted under Section 6.04(xvii); provided that the Borrower (but no other Credit Party) may, on an unsecured basis, guarantee the Permitted Funding Indebtedness of a Subsidiary Guarantor), (y) by Wholly-Owned Restricted Subsidiaries that are not Credit Parties of each other’s Indebtedness or other contractual obligations permitted under this Agreement (in each case other than guaranties of Non-Recourse Indebtedness or Securitization Indebtedness) and (z) of Indebtedness and other obligations (including any Permitted Funding Indebtedness) so long as such guaranty or other Contingent Obligation is otherwise permitted as an Investment under Section 6.05 (other than Section 6.05(xi));

(vii) Indebtedness of a Restricted Subsidiary acquired pursuant to a Permitted Acquisition (or Indebtedness assumed at the time of a Permitted Acquisition of an asset securing such Indebtedness), provided that (x) such Indebtedness was not incurred in connection with, or in anticipation or contemplation of, such Permitted Acquisition, (y) such Indebtedness is not guaranteed in any respect by the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary (other than any acquired Person that becomes a Restricted Subsidiary) and (z) the aggregate principal amount of all Indebtedness permitted by this clause (vii) (other than Permitted Funding Indebtedness) shall not exceed $50,000,000;

(viii) Indebtedness arising from the honoring by a bank or other financial institution of a check, draft or similar instrument drawn against insufficient funds in the ordinary course of business, so long as such Indebtedness is extinguished within three Business Days of its incurrence;

(ix) Indebtedness of the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries with respect to performance bonds, surety bonds, appeal bonds or customs bonds required in the ordinary course of business or in connection with the enforcement of rights or claims of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary or in connection with judgments that do not result in a Default or an Event of Default;

(x) Indebtedness of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary which may be deemed to exist in connection with customary agreements providing for indemnification, purchase price adjustments and similar obligations in connection with the acquisition or disposition of assets in connection with transactions otherwise permitted hereunder, so long as any such obligations are those of the Person making the respective acquisition or sale, and are not guaranteed by any other Person except as permitted by Section 6.04(vi);

(xi) Permitted Funding Indebtedness;

(xii) Non-Recourse Indebtedness;

(xiii) to the extent constituting Indebtedness, Indebtedness under Excess Spread Sales incurred in the ordinary course of business;