Keeping It Simple with Direct Registration

Direct Registration is a service that allows shares to be owned, reported and transferred electronically without having a physical stock certificate issued.

At Baker Hughes, our goal is to build value for stockholders. As part of this effort, we constantly look for ways to keep stock ownership as simple and cost-effective as possible.

More Modern Record Keeping

Direct Registration, or book-entry stock ownership, is one of our newest services. Direct Registration means that instead of receiving a physical stock certificate to represent BHI common shares, your shares are held in your name and recorded electronically on BHI's books and records.


Holding your shares in Direct Registration relieves you from the worry and responsibility of keeping track of your valuable stock certificate(s). It also saves you the time and expense of getting them replaced if you can't find them. Under Direct Registration ownership, you maintain your traditional voting and other rights and benefits as a stockholder.

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